Touchscreen Optimised
Outta Bass has been designed from the ground up for a touchscreen. All controls are based on 1D and 2D surfaces with both course and fine adjustments.
Integrate Automate
Outta Bass will work with all your favourite apps as it supports InterApp Audio, Virutal Midi, Audiobus and any iPad supported hardware. All parameters send and receive midi control messages providing automation of the entire app in your favourite DAW.
Robo Bass
Robo Bass is a inbuilt pattern player. Build basslines right into the synth and automatically transform across 300 musical keys. Now you can play parameters, notes and patterns.
Cloud Presets
Outta Bass has a cloud based preset library featuring both factory and user contributed presets. Made a sound you think others will enjoy? Upload it to the cloud!
Modular Design
Edit area which can support multiple modules - 3 (iPad 9.7") to 7 (iPad Pro 12.9"). Drag and drop modules as needed to configure the display optimally for your own workflows.
Advanced Keyboard
The keyboard is designed for a bass synth with finger sized keypads, velocity sensitivity, polyphonic aftertouch, note gliding, musical scales and 5 octave ranger.

Sample Sounds


Outta Bass is an iPad app that is available in the Apple App Store.
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