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Delay Module -  Pages 1 & 2
Delay Module – Pages 1 & 2

The delay is a modulated mono delay with HPF and LPF filters in the feedback loop.


Delay Page
  • Mix – Sets the wet/dry mix (delay/original mix). The delay will turn itself off if  the wet mix is zero.
  • Delay time / Feedback – sets the delay time (1ms to 1s) and feedback (0% to 110%).  Yes you can make this delay explode.
Tone Page
  • LPF / HPF – sets the LPF (left Side axis) and HPF (right Axis)


Delay Module -  Page 3
Delay Module – Page 3
  • Pan – apply modulation to the delay pan.
  • Delay – apply modulation to the delay time.
  • Rate / Intensity – sets the rate 0.01Hz to 15Hz and Intensity 0% to 100%. Pan or Delay must be selected for this control to activate.


  • You can sync the delay time and modulation rate with the current tempo by turning on ‘snap’ in the Key & Tempo module.


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