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Key & Tempo

The Key and Tempo module sets some musical attributes which are used by the synth in many different areas.

The Key is used for keyboard display as well as Robo Bass where it can automatically keep sequences in key by shifting to the nearest (or most muscial) note.

The tempo and time signature are used for LFO rates and delays as well as establish how Robo Bass runs.



  • Key – sets the musical key from one of the over 300 Outta Bass has inbuilt.
  • BPM – set the tempo in beats per minute
  • Snap to Tempo – LFO / Delay – Snaps the LFO rates, Delay times and rate to tempo derived values.  Also adds visual indicators where those ore on the controls
  • Beats per Bar – set the time signature bar beat count (the value on top of the the line)
  • Note length – sets the time signature not length (only 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 are supported)


  • The tempo is not sent to other module until the control is released.
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