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Outta Bass supports virutal and hardware Midi as well as Midi across AudioBus.


Settings Page
  • MIDI Channel – Outta Bass just supports a single MIDI channel
  • Receive Parameter Changes – Respond to incoming System control messages. You’d want this on for parameter automation.
  • Send Parameter Changes – Send System control messages
  • Parameter MIDI mapping – view the parameter <-> MIDID control message mapping.
  • Background Audio – Toggle Background Audio. You’ll probably need background audio on when running a few audio apps simultaneously so that Outta Bass keeps operating when in the background.
Inputs Page
  • Lists all available inputs, tap to toggle on and off
Outputs Page
  • Lists all available outputs, tap to toggle on and off


  • If you see parameters jumping around check you are not receiving MIDI control messages and either disable or turn off  ‘Receive Parameter Changes’
  • Sending parameter changes to other synths may result in unexpected changes to their sound. If Outta Bass affects you synths try turning off ‘Send Parameter Changes’
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