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Robo Bass

Robo Bass is a key aware bassline / riff player that can be used to program simple sequences and play them across the keyboard.

Depending on the style of the music it may be best to set a key first in the Key & Tempo module to keep the sequences sounding musical as they are traversed across the the keyboard. Robo Bass patterns are built from intervals, and the note tapped becomes the root of the sequence. Although Outta Bass can simulate an arpeggiator, it is not one.


Settings Page
  • Enable – activates Robo Bass. Note that Robo Bass will revert to playing single notes of no sequence has been defined.
  • Beats – the length of the pattern to play in beats based on the current time signature note length, eg 4 beats of 1/8 note equals a pattern 1/2 a note in length.
  • Stay In Key – automagically push notes into key while being played. This option has no affect if the key is Chromatic. Setting an appropriate key really makes a difference.
  • Repeat – loops the sequence when the end is reached.
Pattern Page
  • Displays and edits the current pattern.
  • Notes can be added if there is enough room by pressing the +, at the top of the pattern display. If the Gaps are too small, zoom in.
  • The magnifiers zoom in and out
  • The arrows scroll left and right
  • The steps move between notes.
  • Tap on notes or use the step controls to selected edit them.
Fill Page
  • Mode – selects between arpeggiator and Bassline mode.
  • Pattern – selects what will be used to fill the sequence based on the mode.
  • Direction (arpeggiator only) – the direction of the simulated arpeggiator
  • Randomise – Type 1 alters ‘on’ notes, Type 2 alters ‘off’ notes. Randomisation works really well when you have a key defined and Robo Bass is staying in Key.
  • Note Length (arpeggiator only) – the length of the notes
  • Octaves (arpeggiator only) – octave range
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